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Products based on OpenSource technologies

The products we offer are all based on production-ready Open Source components. Oslandia contributes to the development and to the communities of the software we implement for your needs.

Those components are the base elements which allows us to design GIS architecture to answer specific needs, implementing interoperability, modularity, efficiency and loose coupling. Besides the products, we place at disposal our expertise on these software components.

Our expertise

Oslandia provides a particularly strong expertise on the following technologies and axes :

  • Spatial Databases (PostGIS, SpatiaLite, GEOS)
  • OGC Web Services (WMS, WFS, TMS, WPS, Sensor Web…) (via MapServer, TinyOWS, MapCache, Mapnik, PyWPS)
  • GIS Desktop, and related specifics plugins: (QGIS)
  • 3D GIS (SFCGAL, Horao)
  • GIS complex analysis treatments (Big Data, Multimodal Routing, Spatial Analysis)