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Oslandia, System@tic member

Following a dynamic innovation and development movement, Oslandia is since 2009 a System@tic member. System@tic is the Paris Region ICT Cluster (pôle de compétitivité d'Île de France).


Systematic cluster aims at transforming Paris region into one of the visible places in the world for design, implementation and knowledge on complex systems. The cluster is at the same time a "technological innovation fabric" through R&D projects, and an innovation cluster focused on the Île de France area.

Oslandia and System@tic

Oslandia integrated, from the very beginning, the Groupe Thématique Logiciel Libre (GTLL), one of the four development department of System@tic, which focus on Free Software. The GTLL wants to federate all Free Software actors in Île de France. It aims at creating synergies between the academic world and the research world in the Paris regiion, and the Free Software industry players. This in order to promote the development of innovative free software.

For Oslandia, the free software economy, a positioning on high expertise and innovation cannot be dissociated. For this reason, we must continuously keep our part of practical innovation in opensource GIS software, and make it grow.

Being a System@tic member, beyond the cluster recognition for Oslandia's activities, allows us to sustain our research and development activities, in collaboration with other free software companies and academic members.