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Oslandia is a company with a focus on Open Source GIS architecture.

We are characterized by our expertise, agility and dynamism.

We work for various clients, mainly big customers and/or highly technical customers, either public or private.

We achieve projects with clients and partners in the European Union as well as worldwide (Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Iceland...).

Our business model is based on services around Open Source GIS software which we are expert on.

More than just offering expertise, we are also software editor for some OpenSource GIS components we develop, reknown and used worldwide (PostGIS, MapServer Suite, QGIS).

This implication require us to be in the core of communities of developers and standardisation (worldwide codesprints, participation to future software versions orientations, new feature development on our own R&D budgets...).

Our Team

Vincent Picavet and Olivier Courtin are Oslandia's founders and owners. Oslandia saw light in 2009. Both of them had a long experience in the Open Source GIS world.

Our team regularly grows, while maintaining a high level of expertise, with senior developers, autonomous, openminded profiles and team managers.

This allows us to achieve projects requiring a single expert, as well as tackling projets needing a dozen of collaborators, implying various business partners, with which we are used to work for the most efficient results.

Our Values

  • Expertise and technical excellency
  • Righteous and code of ethics
  • Humanism and personal development
  • Collaborative work