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OSGeo : OpenSource Geospatial Foundation

Oslandia is convinced by Open Source solutions in the geospatial field, and makes active promotion for it. We are therefore part of OSGeo, The Open Source Geospatial foundation.


The OpenSource Geospatial foundation (OSGeo) is a non-profit organization (US 501 type). Its mission is to help and promote the collaborative develompent of opensource geospatial data and technologies. The foundation provides financial help, as well as legal and organizational support to the Open Source geospatial community. LogoOsGeo

OSGeo is nowadays a dynamic and expanding organization, particularly by the means of local chapters by language or geographical zones.

Oslandia and OSGeo

Oslandia contributes to OSGeo by various means:

  • Active participation to the Francophone local chapter, OSGeo-fr, including national conferences (FROG, OSGeo QGIS Day…)
  • Code contribution to OSGeo projets (PostGIS, QGIS, MapServer Suite mainly).
  • Promoting OpenSource GIS solutions and OSGeo to our clients and partners
  • Sponsoring and talks for international conferences (FOSS4G)

We share a common aim with OSGeo : continue to enlarge and promote high quality and efficient OpenSource software in the geospatial world.