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OGC: Open Geospatial Consortium

Oslandia joined the Open Geospatial Consortium as an active member in 2009, as soon as the company has been created.

The OGC is a non-profit international organization promoting a better interoperability of data and geospatial applications. The OGC gathers around 500 institutional members, big corporate companies, academics and innovative SME in the geospatial field.


The OGC let us federate these energies to produce and promote open standards (Web Services, data formats...).

This adhesion to OGC is natural for Oslandia, since we are convinced for years now of technical solutions based on open international standards.

Oslandia is part of the Forum français de l’OGC as well.

Initial motivations for Oslandia in relation to OGC activities are mainly :

  • Keep a high level of technology watching on standards and Web Services linked to OGC.
  • Propose ideas and experience feedback on standards and formats implemented by Oslandia in various previous or future projects.
  • Connect with other organisations in order to build partnerships around geospatial interoperability

Oslandia already implemented the following standards :

  • WFS-T C implementation (1.0.0 et 1.1.0) as well as Filter Encoding (1.0.0 et 1.1.0) in TinyOWS.
  • C implemention of a GML parser (2.1.2 et 3.1.1 SF-2) and KML (2.2.0) in PostGIS.
  • C implementation of new geometry types of SFS 1.2 in PostGIS (TIN, TRIANGLE, POLYHEDRALSURFACE)