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Mastered technologies

Oslandia is able to achieve custom development on numerous Open Source GIS technologies.livrecodeSQL

We regularly add features tou our products when our clients require them, so as to enhance their user experience, improve the way they manage their work and leverage more efficiency.

We are particularly involved in a set of Open Source components presented on our technology page.

We can execute interventions on integration issues, or extend the components themselves, as well as implement custom developments for specific needs.

Community development, a win-win process

Convinced by the technical and economical efficiency of Open Source models, we put efforts into making our developments durable, by incorporating them (every time the constraints permit it) in the core itself of GIS components.

This core code commit is a guarantee for development quality, documentation, unit testing, and is an insurance for feature maintainance on the long term. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for opensource software is significantly less than for an equivalent proprietary software.

Algorithms and complex problems


Oslandia employs engineers not only with a strong technical expertise, but also with an excellent theoritical academic cursus. This capacity allows us to solve complex problems with smart algorithms in efficient and elegant manners. (Applied mathematics, operational research, graph theory, statistics, spatial analysis...)