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A whole range of services

Oslandia can help you all the way through your GIS projects. We offer the following service range :

  • Project management consulting

    Working in collaboration with the project management team, our experts can take your functional needs and operational constraints into account. They will offer you the most pertinent solutions to have a better field needs understanding and efficiency. They will give you the technical elements required to qualify the solutions, build proof of concepts, and complete functional elements with technical aspects.

  • Auditing

    We realize a rigorous analysis of your systems so as to extract characteristics, then we propose solutions to the issues we detected, or advise you possible improvements, in terms of architecture, performances, features…

  • Technical advising

    We collaborate with your teams during a specific period so as to assist them on technical parts of a project. We facilitate skill improvement of your employees with personalized consulting, highly technical and adapted to your needs.

  • Training

    Oslandia offers a full Training catalog covering a wide range of Open Source GIS applications. We can offer custom, to the point training sessions fully adapted to your need. Contact us at .

    See the Training catalog .

  • Software development

    Our developers are experts software design and implementation. We offer our software development services on a large choice of Open Source softwares, and know how to adapt them to your project's needs.

  • Assistance

    For ponctual assistance needs, our flexible solution, time-based, uses a ticket tracker platform and allows you to have the information you need when you need it.

  • Support

    We offer a support service for some Open Source GIS software. This guarantee is available among others for PostgreSQL/PostGIS with our partner Dalibo.

    See the PostgreSQL/PostGIS support offer.

A renown expertise

Our consulting activity is based on a high functional and technical expertise, accumulated through our previous projects and our continuous technological watch and research and developments activities.

Collaborating throughout your projects


We can offer you to collaborate from the design phase of your project, for the global architecture, or refactoring of your information system.

We can also be on your side for optimization issues, performance, migration or usability improvements.

And of course we can assist you for the integration of new software or updates to new versions.



Our consulting activity, beyond its 'simple' technical aspect, is based on the importance of human relationships for our consultants.

They will emphase on listening to you, and advise you taking into account your structural organization, your custom field needs and your project's constraints. vos contraintes projets.